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In the first issue, I talked about the Pokemon Blue game on Otis. It’s gone up over 80% since then.

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📗1974 Incredible Hulk #181 (1st Wolverine) 9.8

What is Hulk #181?

This is the first full appearance of Wolverine in the Marvel universe. He tries to attack Hulk before giving up and going after a Wendigo instead. Fun fact, according to this, Wolverine is only 5’5” tall.

Cultural relevance

Wolverine was one of the first post-Vietnam anti-heroes to enter into American popular culture. His willingness to use deadly force and brooding nature set the mould for comic anti heroes through the 1980s.

The character has appeared in X-men cartoons, video games, and several films. He’s rated the number one comic book character—ahead of Batman and Spiderman—in Wizard Magazine’s top 200 and received several other top five nods from other publications.

Wolverine appeared in eleven of the original twelve X-Men franchise films. Only Charles Xavier appeared in as many. Altogether, the films have grossed over $6B worldwide.


The most recent sale of this issue came in December at $43,000, which is just shy of Rally’s IPO price.

I discussed this in some depth in today’s Fractional Arb newsletter.

Outlook + future catalysts

While Hugh Jackman is done with the role, there are plans afoot for Wolverine. It’s been rumoured he could face off against Red Hulk in an upcoming film or Disney Plus series.


This is a solid one, even if it may not blow the rafters off anything.

🏀 Allen Iverson 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor PSA 10

What is the Allen Iverson Refractor Rookie card?

This is one of 36 PSA 10 Chrome Refractors for Iverson’s rookie season. The set also included Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan refractors.

Cultural relevance

Clocking in at only 6’ and 165lbs, many regard Iverson as the best pound-for-pound basketball player of all time.

In his fourteen seasons, The Answer:

  • Was an 11-time All-Star

  • Won the All-Star MVP twice

  • Was the NBA’s MVP in 2001

  • Was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016

He also led the league in minutes per game eight times, led in steals three times, and led in points per game four times.

He’s also appeared in three movies you’re probably not seen.


The most recent sale of this issue came in December at $33,300, which is a about 50% higher than the IPO valuation.

I discussed this in some depth in today’s Fractional Arb newsletter.

Outlook + future catalysts

Iverson doesn’t have the name recognition of Jordan or Bryant, but he’s one of the game’s greats. He’ll continue to appreciate in line with other non-MJ first-tier players.


This is a solid one, and the discount to inferred value makes it a bit of a no-brainer.

🏒Wayne Gretzky 1979 TOPPS PSA 10

What is the 1979 Topps Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

This is one of only two PSA 10 Topps rookie cards for The Great One.

Cultural relevance

Wayne Gretzky is either the best or one of the two best hockey players of all time (Gordie Howe the other contender).

There’s a Wikipedia page dedicated to his career achievements, and it’s extensive.

A couple highlights. He’s the leading:

  • Goal scorer

  • Assist producer

  • Point scorer

In NHL history. He holds 61 NHL records.

He was more dominant in hockey than any player in any of America’s big four sports (baseball, basketball, football are the others). In the hockey world, he’s more MJ than MJ was.


Rally bought this for $720k in December. His cards have been appreciating steadily over the last twelve months but remain underappreciated (ha) in my opinion.

I discussed this in some depth in today’s Fractional Arb newsletter.

Outlook + future catalysts

Hockey hasn’t caught up with baseball, football, and basketball cards yet, so there’s room for it to catch up. Also, Canada is likely to be the first international market Rally expands into, which will significantly increase demand.


He’s the Great One.

Disclaimer 1: I plan to buy shares of the Gretzky and Iverson cards.

Disclaimer 2: Nothing in this email is intended to serve as financial or legal advice. Do your own research, you lazy rascals.